WITCHING OUT – The Beginner’s Guide To Modern Magic is a magical, online editorial destination for young witches to learn all about the many facets of modern witchcraft. Without any focus on deities or religion, WitchingOut.com teaches you how to live as your best self in a world full of the wonderful things you want and deserve. Whether you’re seeking to learn more about magic spells, lotions, potions, powders, brews, elixirs, herbs, oils, crystals, stones, tarot cards, runes or more… your intuition has led you to the right place!

Written and hosted by Michael Shirley, this one-stop, witch school will teach even the most seasoned magician new tricks of the trade. From DIY projects for crafting your own magical tools to tips for enchanting and preparing magical food, there is something to inspire witches of any skill level.


Michael Shirley - headshot

Michael Shirley is an artist, author, fashion designer, and TV host living in Hollywood, California. A 3rd-generation seer and descendent of the notorious Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee, Michael is also the creator of his own upcoming line of divinatory cards – Limelight Icon Oracle and Ace Of Spades Tarot. Finding a general lack of reputable yet approachable occult resources on the internet (or in real-life, for that matter), Michael decided to use his passion for writing and television to create a fun and innovative lifestyle brand for magicians to further their studies and grow with their magic. So pull up a chair (or a broom, if you rather) and get ready to start witching out!