Piscesian Magic

Piscesian magic is ruled by the planet Neptune and can be conducted between February 19th and March 20th. This time of the year is best used for self-examination. Take this time to meditate and work with your favorite divination tools like runes, cards, pendulums, crystal balls and the like. Examine the way you’ve been living, why you’ve been living that way, and how it will affect your future. Every now and then it’s good to stop and make sure we are on the right path, and this sun sign is very helpful for meaningful contemplation. During this time, give into your artistic indulgences too and let inspiration in, whether that means rediscovering pieces in your record collection, writing poems, or taking a dance class for fun. Anything that feeds and recharges your soul is a welcomed distraction at this time. Water color painting can be especially inspiring under the Pisces Sun. In fact, watery colors are associated with this sign, so feel free to dress or decorate your altar in various shades of blue and green.

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