TAROT 101: The Hanged Man


KEYWORD:  Sacrifice

The Hanged Man card is about letting go and giving way to the greater goal. The person depicted in the card has chosen their position and is actually more enlightened for it. Some things have to die to give way to new life and that is the natural cycle we live in. You often receive this card when you are at a crossroads which will result in you giving up some part of yourself. Often the most difficult path will be the most fruitful in the end though, so weigh your decisions and trust what is best for all involved will be the best for you too down the line. It is not the time for instant gratification. The Hanged Man also appears as an acknowledgement when you have consciously pulled yourself out of social settings to work on something important. If you feel this seclusion is taking over your life in an unhealthy way, loosen the reigns a little bit and make some time to indulge or hang out with some of your closest friends. Or if you just genuinely feel “stuck,” this card encourages you to let go of worry to really live. Try it for even a day and you will see things from a new and enlightening perspective. If this card is chosen in relation to any big decisions – try to put them off for a while so you can work to get a more favorable outcome, as things will probably not go your way at this point in time. Open yourself to higher wisdom and consult the cards further for an indication on what you might focus on to make things go more smoothly.


KEYWORD:  Thanklessness

The Hanged Man card reversed is a martyr card. You’re probably at a point where you are giving what feels like everything of yourself and receiving very little in return. Because of this, life may seem to be at an absolute standstill for you, while everyone else is whizzing by and having a great time! Don’t lose faith. This too will pass, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and make what changes you can for the better. If your dreams are put on hold for someone else, you’re probably having second or third thoughts about all that you’ve invested in another person! At this point it’s probably draining you more than it is helping them. The dependency you’re creating could be destructive to them in the end… and more than likely, they don’t truly appreciate what you are doing. Get yourself out of the situation in the best way you can. Hopefully, you can find a way that will benefit everyone, even if the change may seem hard at first. On the other hand, this card in a reversed position could also be an indication that you are not willing to sacrifice for the greater good, but just remember – being selfish right now will only hurt you in the end if this is the case.

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  1. WildGoddess says:

    Thankyou so much for this. I love your explanation.


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