TAROT 101: Justice



Justice is a pretty simple and straightforward card in concept. It is all about truth, morality, and doing “the right thing.” When this shows up in a reading, it could indicate several things depending on your question. Either justice will prevail, you need to do “the right thing,” or you feel that you have been treated unfairly. It is very much the dharma card of the tarot deck, while the Wheel Of Fortune card is the kharma card. Truth is at the upmost importance right now, so if you seek it – fight for it! It is not time for compromise. Even if no one is around to help you, know that your will and voice is strong on it’s own. You could be called to be a mediator right now. On the other hand, if it is a situation that is out of your hands – know that it will be resolved in the fairest way possible. The Justice card also represents cause and effect – awareness that actions have long-term consequences for present and future circumstances are likely a result of the decisions made. This card also comes up a lot in readings regarding big decisions, laws, or actual legal matters, so look at surrounding cards in a multiple card reading for any further clarification.


KEYWORD:  Unfair

The Justice card reversed pretty much means the opposite! It is definitely one of my least favorite card positions in the deck, because it represents total injustice. The phrase, “nice guys finish last,” comes to mind. Nature is not human-hearted and sometimes the bad guys win. This card shows dishonesty and a lack of accountability in a person or situation. The card can also be picking up on jealousy on your part or others. In multiple card reading, you may need to study the spread further to determine the cause or culprit. And in regards to legal matters, brace yourself… things are not going to go well or fairly.

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