Tarot Totems

The imagery of tarot cards and their continued use in modern society, says a lot about the innate power of the cards. Maybe it’s continual use as a divine object over the years is what actually gives these cards their power, but who’s to say… definitely not this witch! Predating medieval times, and some say going as far back as ancient Egypt, the tarot represents a universal portrait of the human experience. Each card offers portions of that experience in it’s upright and reversed positions. Not every part of life is positive, and neither is every card in a tarot deck. Between their inverted positions, the 22 major arcana make up an archetype of 44 key aspects of life which you can harness in your magic and use in your everyday life. This can even extend to 32 more personal archetypes if you include the 16 court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King), although I don’t really recommend working with minor arcana in magic, as all you will ever need is lying within the power of the major arcana. While court cards are mostly used to represent people and their traits, the rest of the minor arcana portray the more mundane and less eventful experiences in life and just aren’t very useful outside of the deck. Obviously, negative cards would be reserved for areas of black magic, but their are a ton of wonderful cards in the deck that you can utilize in your life on a daily basis!

Do you work in public service? Are you a law student or police officer? Then the Justice card would be just the thing for you to meditate with! Buying a statue of her for your home or office would be a great item to add into your life and keep you mindful of your values and goals. Feel like you’ve gotten the short end of the stick for no good reason? Try working the Justice card into a magic ritual to envoke those core energies to balance the scales. Virtually any magical task can be aided when incorporating the base energies instilled within the artwork of the proper tarot card. Want to be a better witch? Try working the magical energy of The Magician in the card’s upright position into your life more! You couldn’t find a better role model!

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