Mr. Elephant has stomped in this week with some great lessons. Elephants show up to assure you that you have what it takes and you can’t let anything or anyone get in your way right now. There is likely a big goal in sight, and you need to be diligent to fulfill your destiny. Elephants have the power to tackle almost anything and are nearly invulnerable to any other species of animal. Get rid of anything in your life that seems like it’s turning into a bad situation, but remain true to your closest allies. And if one of them is in need, it’s up to you right now to help them in the best way you currently can. Elephants also show up in various ways in life when it is time to get reconnected with magic or the world around us. Call on their loyal spirits if you need some love from the people in your life or the universe in general. Did you know that although most live alone, 144 male elephants have been documented living together in a group? They are very social animals, so meditating or working with the spirit of the elephant can help you come out of your shell and socialize more. If you’re magic is working right, your will eventually draw friendships closer and happily receive the attention. And finally, elephants are great totems for individuals who need to be strong leaders. These creatures have very complex hierarchies, and their animal wisdom can help you navigate the world of the strong and powerful.

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