Since we are in Aquarius right now, I thought it would the perfect time to talk about this deck. Coming in at a close 2nd place to my favorite tarot deck, Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini is the most beautiful tarot deck I’ve ever seen. His style isn’t for everyone, but I definitely recommend them if the retro artwork sparks your intrigue. The deck was released in 1970 and has been so popular that it has remained in print for over 4 decades now. The artwork is a mixture of medieval art nouveau with a Japanese art deco twist… a very complicated style fustion unless you consider the fact that Mr. Palladini studied art and design at the Pratt Institute! Pretty impressive stuff! The color palette of this deck is very ’70s as you can see in the major arcana cards depicted below.


You can currently purchase Aquarian Tarot in it’s traditional size or in a smaller edition, which is enclosed in a tin. I’m partial to the larger cards which come in a cardboard box, but the housing for the smaller version is great for keeping you’re cards safe when you’re on the go.

Have you ever read with Aquarian Tarot? If so, how did you like it?

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