TAROT 101: Wheel Of Fortune



The Wheel Of Fortune is all about the cycles of life. Sometimes things go your way, and sometimes things don’t. The good thing about this card is that the odds are likely in your favor right now! Wheel Of Fortune is a card of fate and good luck. If you believe in karma, all the good you’ve been doing is coming back around your way to show you appreciation. We all have to deal with the down sides of life, so enjoy the good times while they last. If you’ve yet to see a turning point and are feeling helpless, know that you’re not in control of everything and the wheel is always turning. If you stay positive and keep at what you’re doing, you will eventually see a good outcome to your situation.


KEYWORD:  Unlucky

The Wheel Of Fortune card reversed is, let’s be honest… a pretty negative card. It’s the tarot’s number one indicator of bad luck. At this time, you probably feel like your life has been interrupted, out of control, or that you’re on some sort of losing streak. Whether it’s negative forces around you or a bad round of destiny, the wheel is always turning, so it won’t be this way forever. But it could definitely serve you well to be mindful of your surroundings. Getting rid of negative people or situations in your life can only help to speed the wheel in another direction. At this time it would also serve you to be cautious, conserve, save, and plan for when the climate around you is a little more ripe, because your decisions in the past have probably been less than stellar. Now is not the time to take any big chances, but be open to change and change will be open to you.

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