I am so pleased the crow came to us this week. Crows are arguably one of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom and, without a doubt, my favorite bird. Their presence is so stunning and stark, it is obvious they are birds of significant power. City dwelling birds are so smart that some have taken the habit of throwing nuts in street intersections, and retrieving the tasty leftovers during red lights after the cars have cracked the nuts open. They can even learn to mimic speech and sounds they frequently hear. When you find yourself seeing obvious omens, but can’t figure out what it’s all about – call on the power of the crow to help you decipher their meanings. If you’re dealing with a rough patch in life or need some guidance in a tough situation, the crow is the animal spirit that can help guide the way. Crows are also good totems to invoke if you’re trying to determine whether someone is trying to deceive you. They are also the perfect animal to call on when you have a burst of inspiration, as they can help you manifest your ideas into real life with greater ease.

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