What size crystal should I buy?

Choosing the right size crystal for a task is really important, although most people don’t really think about it. Most of the time when we are shopping for stones, our heart is drawn to the same thing as our eyes, but if you set out with a mission to get a certain sized crystal, your mind will soon follow and the other crystals in your path won’t seem to make it so difficult to choose. The general rule of thumb is that the energy of your crystal extends 1 ft in every direction for every inch it is large. For example, if you had a 1 inch crystal, it’s energy would reach everything within 1 foot of the crystal – giving it’s energy a radius of 1 foot and diameter of 2 feet. So in this way, a 3 inch crystal would have a radius of 3 feet and a diameter of 6 feet. Also, you can wear any size crystal for it to be personally effective, but if it’s small, the energy won’t extend very far past your body. If you ever find your crystal is smaller than you need it to be, place a piece of rutilated quartz next to the desired crystal to increase the range in which it’s energy spreads!

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