TAROT 101: The Hermit


KEYWORD:  Introspection

The Hermit card represents wisdom at it’s core. You are probably in a reflective period of soul-searching or study. Often the answers we truly need are hiding inside of us, and we just need a little solitude so we can piece everything together. This card is about stepping back from the world and following your inner guidance and doing the necessary work. If you seek the truth, you will be able to uncover it with a little concentration and contemplation. This card asks you to trust yourself and all of the information you have gathered along the way. It can also mean you just need a little break to recharge. It’s a great time to get in touch with yourself by just being alone with yourself! This card could also represent a wise figure in your life from whom you seek advice. If so, now would be the perfect time to ask for his or her advice on any dilemmas you may be facing.


KEYWORD:  Loneliness

The Hermit card reversed can indicate several things. Either you need to make time for yourself or you’re taking so much of it that you have become withdrawn and isolated. This reversal begs you to be wise. Whatever you’re doing is in excess and you need to focus on what is important. If you’ve been pushing yourself to the limits at work, it’s time to hit the brakes and have a day just for yourself. If you’ve been hiding away avoiding life, realize that it is imprudent for you to procrastinate any longer. The world is still going to be there, no matter how long you avoid it. This reversal can also be an indication of addiction overtaking someone’s life. Look at any surrounding cards for clarification. You could also be having doubt or misgivings about something in your life that are getting the best of you and turning you into a hermit! Your absence could be unknowingly hurting people around you, so be extra considerate of others right now if that is the case. After you have given your inner voice it’s chance to speak up, keep all of that self-knowledge and wisdom in mind and live a little!

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