MAGIC MUST-HAVE: “Colorstrology” by Michele Bernhardt

For Christmas, I received Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You by Michele Bernhardt. This book is truly amazing… the cross referencing used to create such a color chart must have taken years and as a reader, it left me truly impressed. Being that it reads more like a calendar than an actual book, I thought it might not be the best for the Witching Out Book Club, but nonetheless – it still deserves some attention here on the site!

Created in conjunction with Pantone, this book explores a personal birthday color for every day of the year. There are also 12 birth month colors as well. It also contains the Pantone color code for every color used. Although only 2 colors are tied specifically to any given reader, you can use any of the colors to further yourself towards a magical goal. Each color has 3 keywords describing it’s energy, a paragraph on what it means if it’s your birthday color, and another paragraph that tells you how to use the color in your daily life.

For example, today’s color for January 21st is “zephyr” pink which is pictured below. The keywords associate with the color are “intelligent”, “writer” and “financially protected.” Even if you aren’t born on this day, you would still want to utilize this color if you were looking for a successful career as a writer! In fact, I can’t imagine a better color!


On top of all that, there are tiny tear-out swatches of every color in the book, so you can have them on the go. If you like incorporating color meaning into your magic, this is a definite must-have! And, it’s a calendar that never goes out of date!

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