Oil of Aquarius

Aquarius is about to swirl back around tomorrow, meaning that the waves of life might be a little rockier before we see some smooth sailing! Aquarius tends to come in and shake everything up like a snowglobe, but everything seems to settle perfectly in the end. That being said, you might want to invest in some Aquarius oil! Coming by all the ingredients can be expensive if you don’t have them on hand, so you might also just want to buy a small vial that’s already been made at your local magic shop. If you prefer to make your own, you can find the ingredients for my favorite recipe below. If you are making it, I recommend making it between January 20th and February 18th, under Aquarius’ reign. 


– 1 drop vetiver oil

– 1 drop patchouli oil

– 2 drops lavender oil

– 4 drops jasmine oil


When applying the oil or mixing the oil from scratch, envision your energy aligning with Aquarian energy. See yourself going with the the flow and handling any obstacles with ease and grace. See every roadblock as checkpoint you are meant to cross on your destined path. Soon you will be rolling with the punches, if not dealing them out yourself!


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