Happiness Powder

Happiness powder is perfect for lifting your spirits in a pinch. Just empower the following ingredients with all the happy thoughts you can muster as you grind them up into a fine powder. Given that you need to empower the herbs with a ton of “happy,” it’s best to make this when you are in a really good mood. This is a powder you “save for a rainy day,” not make on a rainy day. If you make it when you are not feeling very happy or inspired, you probably won’t find it to work very well.


– 2 tablespoons dried lavender flowers

– 1 tablespoon dried catnip

– 1 tablespoon dried marjoram flowers


Sprinkle the powder in a circle around you and sit down. Close your eyes and as you sit there for a few moments or minutes, imagine breathing in all the herbal energies of joy, revitalizing your soul. Imagine things that have made you happy in the past, things that would make you happy right now, and see those positive energies existing within and around you. Then, open your eyes and allow yourself to view your surroundings with a renewed and lifted spirit.

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