TAROT 101: Strength


KEYWORD:  Strong

The Strength tarot card is a card of grace and power, and it embodies strength in all forms. It reflects courage, understanding, patience, control, and compassion. Either the person or situation in question has what it takes to overcome any oncoming obstacle. You should feel comfort in knowing you are in good hands, whether they be your own or not. It could also be an indicator of a person or situation in your life that possesses those qualities – so be on the lookout! If you wish to attain those qualities, it is within your grasp to do so. Just know that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so be patient yet persistent in your endeavors right now. It will pay off with success in the end.



The Strength card reversed means quite the opposite. It reflects a lack of disciple, self-control, and focus. Maybe you’ve had a setback, or maybe you’ve been in the back from the start. This can be temporary if you are determined, patient, and persistent with your goals. In a reading, it can also be an indicator of self-doubt if you’ve been feeling inadequate or vulnerable. It can also mean that someone else has all the strength and power and you are being dominated. Don’t depend on the actions of others to dictate your own. No matter what the situation, a big dose of self-discipline will go a long way. Don’t let anger get the better of you either, as this card in it’s reversed position can be an indication of this, as well. Raw emotions are just that, so sit with your thoughts before you take action.

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