The Witches Of Capricorn

A Capricornian witch is relentless in the pursuit of his or her magical goal. This mixed with their sense of practicality, make them experts of “practical magic.” For example, if a witch born under this sun sign needed an extra $100 for an unexpected purchase, it would be typical for them to craft a spell which in the end manifested into them finding a $100 bill on the sidewalk. Like I said… practicality is their forte. Many of their spells are highly complex, as to finely tune it to their very need. And in the course of creating their magic, they also have the habit of making a spell much more complicated than they originally planned if feeling a need to change or strengthen direction.

Although they are okay with a little change of direction if they find it necessary, they are stubborn as the goat of their heralding Sign sign. Unless it is an idea they’ve had all on their own, they often won’t accept the unpleasant realities right in front of them. This can lead to them having to clean up the messes that can ensue, as this behavior often causes their magic to miss it’s mark.

If you are a Capricornian who finds these pitfalls prevalent in your magic, it’s okay! You can get past this. Just open your eyes a little wider and be willing to try a new approach if something isn’t working for you. There is not just one way to do something. You can complete any magical task in a myriad of ways. It’s okay to experiment a little until you find what works best for you. Find strength in your new discoveries.

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