Animals are pure magic in themselves. They are driven by instinct and are unapologetically themselves, because they do not know any other way to be. Like humans, animals may have their own distinct personalities, but at their essence they possess the true spirit of that animal. In magic, we view animals as being pure of heart. Pets are welcomed to wander in and out of rituals and circles, as their pure energy only adds to the atmosphere. Being that animals are so wonderful and bring innate gifts and powers uniquely their own, I thought it would be nice to start our weeks off with a new animal. Each week I will discuss ways to utilize the essence of that animal in your magical practices. Feel free to print photos of that animal to meditate with when wanting to pull from it’s energies, or maybe invest in a small figurine for your altar. If you like drawing, try a meditative sketch session. If you like photography, try photographing the animal at your local zoo to feel closer to it’s energy. There really is now wrong way to incorporate the essence of an animal into your magic.

This week we are exploring the gifts of my favorite animal – the crab. Call on the spirit of the crab when you wish to re-emerge back into some aspect of your life after a hiatus. Given their external skeletons, crabs are the perfect animal to call upon when you seek added protection at any given time too. Crabs have 10 legs and live in some of the most difficult places on earth, so they are a great totem for when you are in the process of moving or relocating to a new city. Crabs can adapt and survive anywhere as long as their gills remain moist, so stay hydrated too! Having owned a true crab, I can tell you – they are amazing builders, so call on this astrological ruler when creativity and structure need to fall hand in hand in your endeavors. Crabs also have the ability to regenerate lost appendages and grow a new exoskeleton at least once every year, so they are a great totem for any healing or transformation rituals as well.

Are there any animals you would like to explore in this new weekly series? Just let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to get to them!

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