TAROT 101: The Chariot


KEYWORD:  Crossroads

The Chariot is often interpreted in many ways in readings. Personally, I find it to be a card of decisions and crossroads – upright being the fruitful path to success. When I see this in a reading, I always make sure to take extra care with my choices at this time. There is very much a right move and very much a wrong move to make. Strength, confidence, and self-control will be your friends at this time if you take advantage of them. You definitely need to be determined and assert yourself instead of letting choices be made for you, if you want to find your direction. If you have already made a bold move, this card is showing you that you have chosen the path to victory or already posses those qualities. Some more literal interpretations may include travel plans or even a new vehicle. As with all readings, think about your current situations and examine any surrounding cards to get a clearer perspective on what this card is suggesting.


KEYWORD:  Misdirection

The Chariot card reversed indicates that you have made the wrong decision or you’re feeling a complete sense of misdirection. You might feel like life is out of control right now, but more than likely it’s your fault that things have ended up this way. If you find that you’ve been trying the same thing over and over in different ways, and it is still not working… it’s time to try something new! It could also indicate that you are at a stalemate in the decision making process because you have too many other things weighing on your mind. Don’t let this blockage lead to aggression; let it lead to a stronger sense of focus. After all, problems are meant to be solved, and if solving it were easy – it wouldn’t be a problem in the first place. With the right kind of mindset and motivation, you can find a way to turn this chariot around! This could also be a warning that you need a little more self control, because you are about to head down a bad path. If this seems impossible, look at what you can control in your life, control that to the best of your ability, and the rest will begin to fall into place. Reversed, this card could also be predicting an impending auto accident, so be an extra careful driver if this is further supported by any other surrounding cards in the reading.

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