TAROT 101: The Lovers


KEYWORD:  Harmony

The Lovers represent total alignment, be it romantic or not. In a reading this can represent a successful new venture, partnership, friendship, intimate relationship, marriage, or soul mate. This can be a new union or one that is long-standing. The Lovers are full of passion and trust for one another that goes beyond sexual gratification. They are stronger and more confident together. Everything in this situation feels right, and each side fulfills what the other is lacking. If you’ve found this person, be sure not to neglect them! In a romantic reading, this indicates your true dream guy or girl. There is a mutual sense of attractiveness and desire for intimacy. In a business reading, this could also be showing that you’ve found your true calling. But on a more personal level, it can mean that everything is coming together in harmony at this point in your life. You’ve finally grown into yourself and know what you truly believe is important in this life. Feel empowered by being your most authentic self.


KEYWORD:  Disharmony

The Lovers card reversed shows a total imbalance. This could be all kinds of things depending on the reading… an error, disagreement, job loss, false friend, broken pact, or even an impending divorce. If you are neglecting that which you love, it’s time to turn things around before you lose them for good. On a more personal level, it can represent an inner conflict with yourself or a misalignment of values. On some level you are divided and should seek inner peace. Don’t continue to punish yourself. You could be making things worse. And don’t be afraid to return to The Hierophant in your life for some good counsel. In a relationship reading, the interpretation is pretty straight forward. It suggests that the relationship is breaking down and that the two of you are out of sync. Over time, the two of you may have grown apart. If you really do want to work things out, now is the the time to act. Go out of your way to bring balance back into your relationship.

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