The Superstitious Nature Of Mr. Christian Dior

Born on January 21st – “The Day Of The Frontrunner,” Christian Dior was, and is to this day, one of the biggest names in fashion. It is said that people born on this day are destined for greatness and they often know how to stay there, so astrologically, Mr. Dior’s continuing success should come as no surprise. So how did he manage to stay at the top of the fashion game? Well, many believe it was due to his own occult practices!

If only 10 words were used to describe Dior, “superstitious” would definitely have been one of them. He would commune with his psychic to divine the best day to show his newest clothing collection… even the best day to leave for a vacation! He requested tarot readings before pretty much any major decision he made, saying,

“Chance always comes to the aid of those who really want something.”


An Aquarius, he also considered many symbols to be lucky… the number 8, roses, hearts, and clovers to name a few. It is even said the he could never be found without a clover charm in his pocket, although his favorite symbol was a star – the symbol that inspired him to start his own fashion house. In 1946, he found a brass star that had fallen off a carriage wheel on the streets of Paris. The center of the star was hollow and a size that was able to be filled with the palm of his hand – almost like a Hollywood Walk Of Fame star! He hung this large relic in his studio and rubbed it daily for good luck. Going even further down the rabbit hole, he even use to sew a sprig of the lily-of-the-valley flower into the hem of every dress he created!


The house of Dior continues to honor the founders superstitions with it’s latest collection consisting of items adorned with his favorite charms designed to keep misfortune at bay. They’ve even introduced their first customizable purse, reinventing the classic Lady Dior bag. You can now choose your own combination of lucky charms to be fastened into the bag’s shoulder strap.

Now, how’s that for “fashion conscious” living!?

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