MAGIC OR MYTH: Opium Incense

Opium incense is my favorite scent of incense. It’s warm, spicy, and just smells like magic! The use of it is slightly more controversial than other incenses on the market, because many people don’t know the facts behind it. Some newbie smolderers will even purchase it with the intent to get a buzz. Others simply don’t use it all citing the fact that it isn’t actual “opium” thus giving it no real magical appeal, while others just like the way it smells. Well, now it’s time to set the records straight…

Opium incense is actually made from poppy seeds. There is nothing illegal about opium incense. Although heroin is an opiate, it is not made in the same way as an incense. Metaphysically, it’s great for sleep magic and dream magic. It’s also a great incense to use during any divination sessions. It’s said to have the ability to open you up to hidden worlds. It also has been known to aid invisibility when wanting to go unnoticed. But if you reek off it, people are definitely going to notice – so don’t go too crazy with it!


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