GLASS MAGIC: Using Glass In Witchcraft

Although we don’t often think about it being very magical, it actually is! We use glass in magic all the time, most of the time without even realizing it… bowls, jars, vials, candlesticks, and even mirrors. Personally, I am attracted to clear objects, so I just love glass and try to use it for pretty much every container in my magical space. I use it to hold oils, herbs, stones…whatever possible. I even have a glass wand. I find that since it is translucent, the focus is really placed on whatever is inside of it – especially if the glass is clear. If you think about it, glass is a total earth based substance. It is made from sand, which is just minerals that has been crushed over time. In this sense, glass is the total embodiment of earth energy.

Glass is very receptive to programming, so if you want to go beyond containment and start incorporating glass into your magic, charge it in the same way you would a stone. Let that energy fill the glass.I like to think of clear glass as an inducer of clarity. Since glass doesn’t have an actual crystalline structure, they only real way to draw out different energies from glass is to use it in different colors. Following color magic, you would use green glass for money magic, red glass for love magic, black glass for protective magic, and so on… you get the picture! In this way, glass can be a lot more versatile than crystals, if you really think about it! If you can collect a piece of glass in every shade, you pretty much have an energy rainbow at your disposal. Glass pebbles you find at craft stores are great for this. Try placing a piece of colored glass in the candlelight and let those color energies dance around you during your next ritual. Or even try using different color glass jars or candle holders for specific purposes. You could make some magic mosaics or even program glass fruits and vegetables to hold the energies of those specific plants so that you always have one on hand for any ritual uses! For example, a glass chili pepper would be great in a ritual for removing a hex if programmed with the energies of the chili pepper. The magical uses of glass is about as numerous as it’s practical uses!

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