CHAKRA:  Third Eye, Crown, Higher Crown, & Throat

CRYSTAL GRID USES:  Dispeller crystal

HARDNESS:  3 / 10

PLANET:  Venus & Neptune


Celestite is a high-vibration stone that brings divine energy into it’s environment. If I could only put one crystal on my altar, it would definitely be celestite. This stone is all about the arts, wisdom, and balance, making it very well rounded on it’s energetic levels. It’s also just incredibly beautiful. You can really get lost looking into it’s cool and crispy crevices.


The energy of celestite increases metaphysical abilities and aids in all sorts of spiritual development. It’s icy appearance is great for chilling out people with hot tempers. In the same vein, it calms your mind when under stress and helps you rely on your instincts and to see the answers to problems more clearly. Ruled by Gemini, it’s also great placed between two opposing sides when working towards conflict resolution. If you have fears of public speaking, this is a great stone to carry or meditate with too. It also has the ability to heal auras.

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