When is my magic the most powerful?

Waiting for the perfect time to launch your magic into the world? Well, your intuition has led you to the right place! There are certain times when our magic has greater potential and power, so it’s smart to be mindful of them. Generally, these are always very powerful times to perform big-time magic…

  • A full Moon is one of the best times to perform any kind of magic. And it is super reliable, since it comes around at least once a month!
  • The day of the week you were born holds your highest planetary energy. So if you were born on Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, your natural abilities would be higher on Wednesdays than on any other day of the week. The one exception to this rule is Sunday’s child. People born on Sundays will always have a heightened position of power, as Sundays are ruled by the Sun, which rules all the planets… The planets literally revolve around it! And the same goes for a witch born on a Sunday. All planetary energies belong to them, so this rule doesn’t really apply here… as they have an unfair advantage from the start! But, I’m not complaining… I was born on a Sunday!
  • The Sun sign in the zodiac you were born under always gives you a magical edge. So if you are a Taurus, September 23rd through October 22nd would be a time of significant power for you.
  • Halloween. I kind of hesitate to mention this, because I don’t really think it’s the best time to do every kind of magic – like a full Moon would be, but “the veil is very thin” between worlds at this time, so it’s a great time for certain things like divination or even the classic seance!

And if you can find some way to combine these energies together – you can raise your vibrations even higher! In fact, a Scorpio (being that they are born under the same Sun sign as Halloween) could combine all of these energies for one divinely, magical Halloween day, but it could take years and years depending on the math of it all and how everything lined up! But if you are a Taurus born on a Sunday, you’d just have to wait for a Halloween with a full Moon. It would take… no less than 30 years, haha!

Do you have a day that you find particularly powerful for you? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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