Directional & Elemental Correspondences Of A Pentacle

Below, you will find a diagram displaying the pentacle’s directional and elemental correspondences. It is good to commit this to memory, as the pentacle is the single most sacred symbol in witchcraft.


There are several ways you can remember all this. The top of the pentacle represents the beginning… the alpha and the essence of all existence. Spirit is always represented at the top of the pentacle, followed clockwise by west. It is easy to remember that “west” and “water” both start with the letter “w.” Directly across from that is east – which is ruled by air. Just think about east being in the opposite direction of west. “East” and “air” are also the only matching correspondences that both begin with vowels. Below that is north, which is represented by Earth. You can remember it’s position easily if you thank about the fact that air literally hangs above the Earth, and the words “north” and “Earth” both end in the letters “rth.” On the opposite side of north is south, which is represented by fire. You can remember this directional juxtaposition as North is always on the opposing side of south. You can also remember that the south is ruled by fire, if you think about the fiery underworld always being depicted below us in a southern direction. If you just go over it a few times in your head and use logic to fill in the gaps, you will always remember which way is which!

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