The Witches Of Sagittarius

A Sagittarian witch is very thorough in her or his magical workings. By nature, Sagittarians are curious as cats, so when it comes to their craft – they are sure to dot every “i” and cross every “t.” Also given the very nature of Sagittarius, their magic usually hits it’s mark with speed, accuracy, and ease. Given this and their cat-like prowess, they are just great at navigating the occult in general. They love to travel and with this comes an even greater sense of direction on their part. You can think of these witches like the arrow on a compass.

There is also a downside to all the seemingly advantageous benefits of being a Sagittarian witch, though. Their curious nature is so, in fact, natural and instinctual that it is often hard for them to find a point where they feel that they have perfected their work enough to send it off into the universe. After that, they can continue to question whether the magic will work!  And after that… they worry what will happen if it goes wrong, and the spiral of questions can continue until they have found a way to completely invalidate their magic. If they do see signs of the magic working, they can usually always find a way to chalk it up to coincidence too. It’s kind of a double-edged sword for them.

So if Sagittarius is your Sun sign and you are thinking – this is totally me, what do I do!? It’s okay! Just take all of this in and know that the Sun and stars are aligned to your advantage. Your magic is almost always going to work quicker and more accurately than another witch’s, so don’t even question it. Know any signs of your magic taking effect is a validation – not a coincidence. Let that give you a reason to rest easy, not search for more validations. Do you really need a person to tell you the same thing five times? No, you would get irritated! So, don’t expect that of yourself or your magic either. Whether you know it or not, by nature you instinctually figure out how to make your magic work best, and you can and should feel safe in trusting that.

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