How do I keep my cat off my altar?

Last week, I managed to acquire a baby rue plant! I had heard a lot of lovely things about this little plant, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for one on my daily adventures, hoping one would eventually find me, and it did! In witch history, it was notoriously apt at warding off werewolves, but in modern culture it is a low-level insect repellent, although some caterpillars love to munch on it. More importantly for our purposes – cat’s hate it!

Yes, if you’re like me and have problems with your cat “rearranging” your altar for you – this herb is a must have! It has long been placed in gardens to keep kitties out of flower beds. There’s just something about the scent of rue that cat’s don’t like. It must be too sour for their sweet little noses! You don’t have to worry about it hurting them either, as they are definitely not interested in eating it. Just place a small potted plant of rue near the middle of your altar or work area, and kitty will think twice before catting around with your crystals!

Are you interested in getting a rue plant to keep your kitty at bay and would like to know more about what you can do with it magically? Check back here tomorrow for a full rue rundown on all of it’s magical properties!

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