TAROT 101: The Emperor


KEYWORD:  Authoritative

The Emperor is all about strong masculine energy and authority. The “father card” of the tarot deck, he is the yang to The Empress’ yin. The most royal card of the deck as well, The Emperor rules over all the monarchs in the Minor Arcana. He is judge, jury, and executioner. Though he is tough, he very much has to be. He represents leadership, stability, experience, and knowledge. He is fiercely protective of those he loves. It is also important for him to pass his worldly knowledge on to the next generation. The Emperor has a knack for creating structure in chaos, and is a systematic problem solver. He is very strategic and never wavers from his plan. For him, routine represents discipline. This card may suggest that you have a strong desire to see your ideas manifest into accomplishments and material gain, or maybe an opportunity has risen that could be the foundation for such things. If this is the case, be like The Emperor and maintain focus on your goal and show no weakness in the process, because in the end – The Emperor has the power to open a door without even lifting a finger! Definitely seek The Emperor’s blessing. He is a very powerful card! Once you can master your emotions, you will find it is easier to master your surroundings. This card also represents people that thrive and do best when in control. If you encounter this person in your life, you better be ready to impress them! And working against him would be a huge mistake. Firm but also fair, this person will listen to other people, but will go with what they think is right in the end. The Emperor card can also represent social, financial, or political governments.


KEYWORD:  Domineering

The Emperor card reversed is definitely not fair, but he is still pretty firm! Think along the lines of an overbearing dad or a micro-managing boss. More broadly, think dictators, tyrants, and corrupt politicians. This petty person has an excessive need for control that borders on subjugation. In almost every way, this cards suggests an unjust abuse of power. Dealing with a person like this is very hard. They throw their weight around in a very critical way. This card is a total bully and takes courage to confront. Unlike in the upright position, this card represents a powerful person with an extreme lack of disciple in some areas. They are guarded emotionally and in giving good advice. You are more than likely inclined to avoid them, but you will almost always have to face this person or problem, so try going about it in an unconventional way all the while relying on logic. Maybe you are sick of this kind of Emperor in your life and want to be The Emperor yourself! Or maybe you are The Emperor, but don’t feel that your are doing a very good job at it. If that is the case, focus on all the things that make this card great in it’s upright position and you will be on the path to success in no time. In a more personal reading, this can show you have a major issue with authority or lack self control right now. In a relationship reading, this represents an unbalanced relationship that will be very unhappy in the end.

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