The Top 2 Protective Stones You Need In Your Car

I got a new car this year and before that I was driving a car that was on it’s last leg, so I’ve done a lot of research on protective stones for travel. Surprisingly enough, there are actually 2 stones in particular that are specifically known for being great automobile protectors! I definitely don’t go anywhere without them and have yet to have any car issues since I placed them in my car! Generally, I recommend finding a specimen that is fairly large, so it’s energy spans a wider radius. A small stone is not going to be a ton of help, so go for a chunk you can barely wrap your hand around, if possible! I can attest to that from experience. Also, it’s best to use both together, but having one in your car is better than none!



More commonly known as just “Tiger’s Eye,” as this is the most common shade, golden Tiger’s Eye is a very masculine and protective stone ruled by the Sun. It heightens perception and helps you maintain a longer attention span – paying closer attention to your surroundings. It balances the emotions and encourages you to take action based on intellect. It also helps to alert you of any surrounding dangers, so it’s a great preventative stone to have for keeping you out of traffic accidents!



Zebra Jasper comes in various shades – with the darker stripes ranging from black to light brown. Sometimes you might even find it in shades of grey, red, or green. It all just depends on the environment in which it is growing. It’s duality in color helps balance the emotions, like Tiger’s Eye. It’s a very loving stone, so it is also very protective of it’s owner and is said to transmute energy into higher frequencies. It helps you see past illusions, wards off negative energies, and is great for astral travel as well as physical traveling. You definitely want this guy in your ride!

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