The Parsley & The Plate

Ever wonder why parsley is so often placed on your plate at a fancy restaurant? Well, the person plating your dish probably doesn’t realize it, but they are taking part in a time-honored, pagan ritual! It’s actually the 1st documented use of an edible “garnish” in the history of cuisine. Since before 100 A.D, people were adding a sprig of this herb to dishes in an effort to keep away contamination of all kinds in ancient Rome. They could have done this for several reasons, as parsley repels most harmful insects and has many metaphysical properties linked to eluding death – partially due to the plant’s association with Persephone of Greek Mythology, or Proserpina as the Romans called her! She was often depicted carrying a bouquet of parsley. Everyone from magistrates to gladiators either wore it or ate it in effort to appease their superstitions. And speaking of eating it… did you know that eating a piece of parsley naturally freshens and sweetens your breath? Well, the Romans did and now you do too! And if you think you might have had too much to drink during your meal – try placing the sprig in your hair! It is rumored to relieve or at least delay intoxication, but that’s still not an excuse to drink and fly!

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