We love bay leaves here at Witching Out! Though they are a little difficult to grind for mixtures, bay leaves make for a powerful and quick incense on their own. Known also as a laurel tree, the leaves from a bay tree were used to create the traditional wreathed crowns of ancient Greece. The phrase “resting on one’s laurels” refers to it’s symbolism of victory in Grecian and Roman culture.


They are most commonly burned to attune and raise psychic abilities. They are also burned to protect, purify, promote good health, and provide extra healing energy. As for the scent of burned bay leaves… it’s definitely not my favorite, but you might love it! It has a spicy, bitter, and earthy aroma to it. It has a very manly smell, as it is a plant ruled by the masculine energy of the Sun. When using this herb as an instant incense, hold it in your power hand and empower it with the appropriate intentions. Then, light the tip of the leaf like you would an incense stick or incense cone and let it burn to completion.

Want a cool hack for attuning with you tarot deck for more accurate readings? Check out our easy, bay leaf ring DIY!

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