TAROT 101: The Empress


KEYWORD:  Fertility

The Empress is all about strong feminine energy and abundance. She is the glue that holds the tarot together – it’s compassionate support system and backbone. The “mother card” and the “birth card” of the tarot deck, The Empress is also very much tied to pregnancy, so if this shows up in a reading regarding fertility – this is definitely an indicator of such, but look at the surrounding cards for further confirmation. But beyond this, this card is about metaphysical and metaphorical birth as well – new abilities, ideas, passions, and successful ventures. It acknowledges the feminine side within all of us, and asks us to do the same if we are not doing so. As such a sensual card, it encourages us to create, nurture, and really get in touch with our senses… and to enjoy it too! Unlike The High Priestess, The Empress is very much about the physical world, but shows us a deeply meaningful and spiritual connection to mother nature. Spend time with plants and animals, as you will surely grow yourself from the time spent. A mothering card, it shows the beauty of unwavering love and sincerity in a relationship. It is a card of beauty in and of itself. The Empress is very much a symbol of mothers and caretakers. Enjoy nurturing yourself. Enjoy nurturing others. Truly a card of happiness, it is an indicator of happy homes, good sense, luxury, security, success, and grace.



KEYWORD:  Dependency

The Empress card reversed shows that your need to help has actually left you dependent on the person you are helping! Don’t be overprotective. This is a time which you need to mother yourself and find a balance. You don’t want to give so much of yourself away that you are neglecting yourself… then you won’t be able to do much good for anyone! On a different level, it can be an indicator that you need to nurture others or you, yourself, need to be nurtured. Are you finding it hard to work with other people? If so, try to put a little of your faith in the people around you. They can actually help you and make things go more smoothly. Whether you are extremely dependent or independent, try embracing some of the opposing side. You can’t have the yang without the yin. More broadly, it can be a nudge that you are being indecisive or impractical. Would you recommend your behavior to a younger apprentice? If not, you should learn from your own wisdom. If you feel depressed or that something is missing in your life, this card reversed can also be an indicator of a creative block and growing lack of expression. If this is the case, treat yourself to some small luxuries. Open yourself up to inspiration, take in everything through your senses with gusto, and let you be you. In a reading regarding fertility, this reversed card can indicate an unwanted or unsuccessful pregnancy, but it is best to look at the surrounding cards for further confirmation. And on a final note, this card can represent a nasty woman or a fake female friend in your life!

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