Sagittarian Magic

Sagittarian magic is ruled by the planet Jupiter and can be conducted between November 22nd and December 21st. The Sagittarius sun is one of my favorites to create magic with because of it’s precision. Like an arrow, pretty much any magic launched during this period of time hits it’s mark very quickly, so be prepared and plan accordingly! This is a great time to work with projects that may have given you some trouble under other sun signs. Like the arrow, the magic of Sagittarius plows through obstacles with ease. It’s a great time for uncovering secrets and finding the truth, so any form of divination will have great accuracy during Sagittarius. Meditation at this time can be very enlightening too, as the intellect is heightened right now. Use this time to explore new types of magical efforts and work with long term goals, as the arrow travels far. You might even enjoy using an arrow as your wand at this time. Deep shades of red are associated with this sign, so feel free to bring out the red wine and decorate your altar or dress in these colors.

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