The Art Of Cloud Reading

Cloud reading, known as nephelomancy, is the art of reading the past, present, or future through the aid of clouds. It is one of the oldest forms of divination, dating back to the Iron Age. Nephelomancy literally means “cloud divination” in Greek. Readings are done by examining a cloud or cloud formation’s directional movement, pace, placement in the sky, color, and most importantly – it’s shape! It’s a great way to start spotting and understanding magical symbolism in your life. It’s also perfect for when you want a reading and have none of your divining tools available at the moment. As long as there is a cloud and Sun in the sky, you’ve got something to work with. There are endless ways to interpret the meanings of a cloud’s shape due to all the different variations of cultural influences in the world. For example, a cow would be far more symbolic to someone from India than to someone from Canada. So because of this, we are only going to focus on reading clouds intuitively in this lesson. Now for the basics…

It is always best to try and pick a time when there are lots of clouds in the sky. You can stand up or sit down and look upwards. You can also lie on the ground. It really doesn’t matter. Just pick a resting position that you know you can stay comfortable in for a while. Relax, close your eyes, and think about your question. Once you’ve thought about it clearly for a few moments, open your eyes and pay attention to any cluster formation. If there aren’t any clusters, look to any individual cloud that catches your eye first. Determine what object you see. In regards to your original question – does seeing this object illicit a positive or negative response from you? Now think about what the object symbolizes to you. Think about what an object like that symbolizes to society, in general. Pay attention to where the cloud is moving and how quickly. Also, pay attention to where this particular cloud or formation of clouds hangs in juxtaposition to the other clouds in the sky. If there is a certain shading to the sky that strikes you as interesting, take note of that too. Now think about how all this symbolism relates as an answer to your question. In the following days, begin to look for any signs of your insights coming to fruition.

Are you asking if you will get the house you made an offer on? Did you see a castle in a bright blue sky? I’d say that would probably be a good sign that you would be moving in! If you are reading for someone else, hold the person’s power hand with your sensing hand throughout the entire session. Also, you don’t need to light any candles, perform any rituals, or prepare anything. You’re more than welcome to make a day of it and surround yourself with a circle of flowers, stones, or anything you like, but it isn’t necessary. If you decide to give this a try, be sure to let me know all about it! I’d love to hear what you saw and how the symbols and insights played out in your life afterwards. Just leave me a message in the comments below!

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  1. Jinine says:

    One evening I was looking up at the stars were out in the night sky and their very clearly were two hands cupping and holding the moon. Then directly after a ying an yang symbol and two cats looking the same direction connected by there tail.

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