TAROT 101: The High Priestess


KEYWORD:  Intuition

The High Priestess is a card of enlightenment, wisdom, and serenity. Unlike The Magician, whose power is channeled outwardly, her power is gained receptively. She knows all the secrets. She represents intuition, the subconscious mind, and divine knowledge. She is creative, yet sensible at the same time. This card usually appears in a tarot reading when you need to trust yourself intuitively. She is the main psychic card of the Tarot deck. Pay attention to your dreams, symbols… even animals! Has a praying mantis crawled into your space? Have you had an interesting encounter with a rabbit while in the garden? He has probably come to deliver a symbolic message to you! If some part of our life seems off-kilter, we should use these divine gifts to gain insight and bring us back into balance. With your intuition on point at this time, meditation can bring about big break-throughs right now. Look for the signs, and you can find a sense of preparedness. The High Priestess wants you to remain mindful.


KEYWORD:  Self-Sabotage

The High Priestess card reversed warns of not listening to The High Priestess! Are you letting your judgement be clouded by people or circumstances? Are you not listening to your intuition? You really need to, because you are actually more in touch with yourself than not. It’s just sometimes, we don’t like what we know we need to do. Take time to meditate and know that any thoughts or realizations are valid and you feel them for a reason. You really can trust your intuition. Be alone in the world for a little bit. If we don’t take time-outs every once and a while, we start to get tunnel vision. On the other hand, if you are normally very intuitive and feel that you have lost this connection recently, The High Priestess reversed urges you to not let your surroundings interfere with your intuition. Focus on you and you will start to see the signs again. Spending time on your spiritual studies and finding quiet moments of reflection or meditation will be very beneficial right now. This reversal also encourages you to acknowledge any repressed feelings and confront them at this time. For witches, it also warns of being over-confident or reckless with your abilities. In magic, things can backfire badly when one is not focused on accuracy. It’s actually an exercise in spiritual weakness. Behavior like this will truly come back to haunt you, as they say. Having a weak character usually causes doors to close around you pretty quickly, and no one wants to be limited because they can’t be trusted. And finally, if The High Priestess appears reversed in your reading, watch out for secrecy or gossip around you. Seek the truth in yourself and others right now, if not always!

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