The #1 Stone To Keep You Stress-Free At Holiday Gatherings

Magnesite is one of my favorite stones. A very inexpensive mineral, it’s widely used in jewelry as “lime turquoise,” which is basically the name for magnesite that has been dyed a blue-green color. Upon first glance, you will notice it looks a lot like a brain! So it should come as no shock that this stone has a very powerful and soothing affect on the mind and emotions. Within seconds of holding it, you will start feeling it’s silky, milky waves gloss over you. Whenever I have a friend at my home who is upset, I always ask them to hold onto a piece of magnesite with their sensing hand. After holding it for a few minutes, like clockwork, they always say, “What is this??? I feel better!”


With that in mind, this is the perfect stone to keep on you when you’ve got to be around stressful people or situations… enter the holiday season. Sure, we love our family and friends, but not all of these people are easy to be around or get along with – especially at big get-togethers! Magnesite is great for these types of situations. As best stated by world-renowned mineralogist Judy Hall in her book, The Encyclopedia Of Crystals…

Magnesite practices unconditional love in situations where relationships with other people are difficult because of behavior or addictions. This stone assists standing in your own center, placidly accepting the other person without requiring them to change or being affected by their difficulties.

That being said, it also makes the perfect holiday gift for those same friends and family members!!! Aside from helping you deal with difficult people, it encourages a passenger seat perspective – helping big talkers be better listeners. And because of it’s brain-form, it is an excellent stone to use when trying to holisticly relieve migraines and headaches too. It’s actually just a great wellness stone for the body in general, aiding in a whole slew of areas – organs, muscles, bones, teeth, cholesterol, metabolism, kidney stones, cramps, and relieving the common cold, to name a few. It’s also rumored to alleviate body odor, but that’s a use I hope I don’t have to investigate! But hey, if you sit next to a smelly co-worker… why not give him or her a desk cactus with a piece of magnesite in the soil as decoration? Like I said, it’s one of the most inexpensive minerals out there, so no need to break the bank on a courtesy gift! Below you can find out some more interesting information about magnesite.

CHAKRA:  Third Eye & Heart

CRYSTAL GRID USES:  Seeker crystal

HARDNESS:  4 / 10


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