Peruvian Talisman Vials

You’ve probably seen these Peruvian talismans in your local magic shop at some point or the other. These colorful, little guys come in vials and bottles of all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes you will see them sold as “Peruvian amulets” since they do ward off negative energy like “witch bottles,” but I prefer to refer to them as talismans, as I feel the majority of their work is done by pulling good energy in. They are imported here from an area in the Amazon rainforest known as Ayacucho. The talismans are made by the local witch doctors and used to bring protection, good health, and luck.

All the bottles contain the same ingredients – minerals like pyrite to pull in wealth, poisonous red and black huayruru seeds and a horseshoe charm for good luck, oil and herbs to promote good health, and a curly, yellow vuelve vine to rekindle a broken friendship or romantic relationship. The only enclosed items that differ are the little alabaster figures which are placed inside. The blue figure is Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lovers, the brown – Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals, and the yellow – Saint Cyprian, the patron saint of healers. Instead of saint figures, they could also contain a closed hand or skull sculpture – for protection of the home or a small, white figure – for the child of knowledge and wisdom. You can pick one talisman for a special need or collect them all!

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