Magic Money Powder


Money is the hottest commodity in our society. If everyone had enough money to pursue their dreams and live comfortably, we would have a lot less problems in this world. For most people, there’s not enough of it going around all the time, and it is for those times that I created this exceptional magic powder. Powders have always been a huge part of folk magic. They are scattered and sprinkled on things to release their energy. They are great for enchanting people, places, objects, and grids. They can be used in spells or rituals, but unlike incense – powders are never burned. Burning a powder does nothing for your magical goal. Unlike most things, it’s power comes from just lying around! You can think of it as a spiritual or magic glitter of sorts! You want to use it more like a “fairy dust.” If you want a money drawing herb to use as an incense, check out my lesson on instant allspice incense.


– ground allspice

– dried basil

– ground cinnamon

– dried cloves

– dill seeds

– ground ginger

– ground nutmeg

– poppy seeds

– dried sage

– sesame seeds

STEP 1:  Combine equal parts of each of the 10 herbs into a mortar. If you don’t feel like measuring, you can just use a pinch of everything. I also recommend sprinkling a little ginger on your tongue too before you get started with your magic.

STEP 2: Grind all the ingredients together while infusing the mixture with your intentions. With your eyes open or closed, envision this powder bringing money your way. Imagine it having a knack for arriving in the exact amount you need every time. In your mind’s eye, see these intentions literally being ground into the herbs with your pestle. You can think of your pestle as your wand guiding your thoughts into the ingredients during this process.

STEP 3:  Transfer the powder into an air-tight jar and that’s it! I prefer keeping them in small corked vials, so they can travel more easily, but that’s entirely up to you!

There are lots of ways to use this magic powder, but I find the best way to use it is by writing a number amount of money you require on a piece of paper and encircling the number in a clockwise motion with the powder. You would leave it in place until the full sum of money has come into your possession. Try using it in conjunctions with any stones, spells or efforts involving drawing money and wealth. This powder has always worked for me in the ways I’ve desired, but I’ve also never been frivolous with it. I’m not quite sure how it will work when used in excess, but I don’t really have any desire to test that theory. I’ve literally used it to manifest thousands of dollars over the course of a week, so when used with pure and precise intent – this can really be a game changer. It’s also very important to remember to be very specific in your intention when working with any money drawing magic. If you aren’t careful you could end up being the one money is being drawn from! You definitely don’t want money magic to backfire, because that is usually when we are in need of money the most!

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