Who doesn’t love a geode? Who doesn’t HAVE a geode? These beautiful objects enchant even the most discerning and difficult of critics. Like a natural chunk of glitter, they are sure to sparkle and delight any way that you look at them. Although most end up on a table for decoration or on opposite ends of a book collection, keeping everything nice and tidy, they are really capable of so much more – magically speaking. On a very subtle level, these kind of tasks are what geodes kind of want to do energetically! It seems that even if you don’t use them with any sort of magical intention, they always end up helping out in the most innate ways they can.

The word geode is Greek for “earthlike,” so it should come as no surprise that geodes are often used to symbolize “Mother Earth” in rituals. Although you would think geodes are ruled by the element of Earth, geodes as a whole are typically thought of as being ruled by the element of water, due to them often having hollowed cavities. On a different elemental level, a citrine geode would have fire-based, elemental uses also, as citrines are ruled by the element of fire. That means a citrine stone could be great in an Earth, water, or fire ritual!

Geodes have the ability to retain energy, due to their cavities. Energy just likes to swirl around in there! If the cavity is large enough, try placing another crystal within it to charge it with the geode’s energy. After 24 hours of sitting there, your crystal should be programmed. If you haven’t charged the geode with any particular type of energy, you can also try placing a crystal inside of the geode to cleanse the smaller crystal. Again, your stone should be cleansed after 24 hours. Also, any type of quartz geode is particularly adept at being programmed.



They also gently amplifies energy, diffusing it softly and slowly through the surrounding area. Placed on an altar, geodes aid in spiritual growth. Celestite geodes are undoubtably the best at helping with this kind of growth. Many witches use geodes to grid energy around a home or sacred space – usually for protection, as geodes are very protective. Just place them in the northern, southern, eastern, and western corners of the home – inside or outside. Try using them as a center piece in protection rituals, as well. Geodes come in all sizes too… some even as small as a quarter! With these, try using them on a crystal grid for their protective energies. These little geodes also work great when stuffed with ingredients and used in a protection spell. You can even use them as a talisman to pull in good energy.

Like using wavellite on a new Moon, holding and meditating with a geode helps you see the big picture more clearly. Geodes are also said to be beneficial for soothing individuals with addictive or over-indulgent tendencies, although I have not really had a lot of experience with using them on that level. In any case, use them however you feel most comfortable and what makes the most sense for how they are being used and represented in the work you are doing.

The only thing I must warn against are artificially dyed geodes. Some witches aren’t bother by them, but I feel it alters their energy negatively. You can usually spot these easily, because the colors seem too unreal and vivid to be true. You will see this a lot with agates… especially with agate slices. Aside from the other tip, the best way to tell if a geode has been dye is to look at it’s crust. If it’s a pink banded geode with a pink crust as well… you know it’s been dyed. The crust usually has strong hints of the dye color used.


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