Out of all the woods used in magic, bamboo is by far the most lucky. In fact, it’s so lucky that most people just refer to it as “lucky bamboo!” One reason it is considered to be a lucky tree is because most species never change from their soothing green shade while alive. And with green being the color of abundance, money, and luck – we must assume that had everything to do with this association. It is grown inside and outside of homes to bring good fortune to the inhabitants. It’s positive energy keeps negativity away – even unwanted ghosts! It’s also hung above doors in some cultures, again for these luck-inducing qualities. Some witches even carve their wishes on the stalks and replant them so that they blossom into reality.

It’s positive energy is so strong that it is also a major ingredient in hex breaking. Burnt, grown, or carried it is an expert at snuffing out hexes and warding off evil spirits. Reversely, it calls up good spirits when hollowed and played as a flute. Supposedly, if you carve the name of the spirit you wish to commune with on the bamboo pipe, that spirit will be called forth by your music. Hollowed out, it is also great for storing magical ingredients and sealed with wax to be used as a talisman, amulet, or wand. A fresh bamboo stalk growing in a vase makes for a powerful and natural wand, as well. In Taoist rituals, bamboo wands are used to call upon water spirits. In Chinese temples, priests cast chunks of bamboo to divine good or bad omens in regards to his congregation.

A masculine plant ruled by the element of water, bamboo is unique indeed. Although it is relatively thin compared to most trees, many species of bamboo can rival steel with tensile strength. Did you know that a few species of bamboo have the ability to grow 1 inch within a 40 minute time period? That’s 3 feet in just 1 day! Without sounding like a total fanatic… on my altar I keep a bamboo cutting board, a bamboo serving tray, 3 bamboo mats for readings, a growing bamboo stalk in water which I also use as a living wand… and also, my altar is actually made entirely of bamboo. Needless to say, I am naturally taken by this plant – and not just for it’s lucky qualities. It probably has something to do with being a male and a water sign, like the plant, but honestly… who doesn’t love bamboo? It’s exotic, easy to keep, and it is incredibly forgiving during a dry spell. But above all, I can’t stress enough how great it is at breaking hexes, especially when combined with chili peppers.

So do yourself a favor and get yourself a stalk or two of bamboo! It’s just plain lucky!

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