The crafting of magical incenses is an entire practice in it’s own right. There are literally endless possibilities of mixtures for different magical purposes. There are also so many ways to create incenses… combustible or non combustible…. cones, sticks, papers, but my favorite type of incense to use is an instant incense.

Instant incenses are just that – herbs that can be burned by themselves without the addition of any gum resins or powdered wood. They are also the least messy incenses to work with. All you need is a charcoal block, censer, and a mortar and pestle if your herbs have not already been ground. Today, we will be talking about one such incense – allspice.



Before we get into the specifics of this herb of abundance, there is an issue of scent I would like to mention, first. One misconception about a magic incense is that it should smell good. Well, this is definitely not the case! Yes, when you burn incense for personal enjoyment – you want it to smell wonderful, but a magic incense is crafted for an intent and not every ingredient is always going to smell good when burned. That being said, allspice has a distinctly fall-infused scent that disperses a very pleasing smell when burnt.

With similar hints of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, it reminds me of Thanksgiving feasts, sweet flowers, and pumpkin pies. Appropriately enough, allspice is burned to bring good fortune, abundance, money, healing, and heightened physical energy – just the type of things we are all thankful for! Ruled by the masculine energy of Mars and the element of fire, this is a powerful herb that comes in many forms – wild allspice, Carolina allspice, Japanese allspice, and of course it’s original form derived from the dried berries of the pimenta dioica plant.

When using this herb as an incense, empower the herb with your appropriate intentions of healing or abundance and grind the dried berries into a fine powder if they have not been ground already. After lighting your charcoal block, use a small spoon to sprinkle it on top as desired.


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