Activating Herbs For Magical Use

Whether you’re using herbs for incenses, powders, lotions, potions, or the like – empowering them and charging them with your intentions is the first and most important step in activating the magical properties of your plants. It’s very simple and the most you will ever need is a mortar and pestle, but you will always need your imagination.

Activating an herb is much like activating a crystal. Just hold it in your hand and with your eyes open or closed, imagine the things you want the plant to do for you. Imagine all of those magical properties glowing within your hands, and activated by your thought and touch. See the plant and it’s magical properties aiding your magic and bringing forth the outcome you desire.

If you are using a mortar and pestle, you would perform similar mental visuals as you grind the herb, but knowing as you grind and break apart the herbs – you are driving your intention into them as their magical properties are released under the pressure of the pestle. If you are using a really fine herb that has already been ground, you can grind it a little more if you like or just press your fingers into the powder and charge it through touch, as mentioned above.

The only time you can really go without empowering an herb is when you empower an entire concoction of various ingredients all at once. Say you are making a special powder which has almost 10 different ingredients and empowering every item would seem counter-productive to you or your goal. In this case, you might want to empower everything all at once to reach a particular goal. Some witches prefer to only work this way and some like to nurture each plant individually. There really is no wrong or right, as long as you feel connected to your magic and chosen process.

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