TAROT 101: The Magician


KEYWORD:  Manifestation

The Magician tarot card shows up in reading when you have the creative ability to start a new chapter in your life. It’s about making something from nothing. Use this ability to manifest your desires! Very soon, if not already, the perfect opportunity to further those desires will be presented to you. The universe is definitely on your side right now. The Magician is a confident, self-reliant, master of the elements – earth, fire, air and water, so you have everything you need to make your dream come true. You will also need to take initiative to make these happen, after all – a magician’s spells don’t cast themselves! And remember, if you remain in a positive mindset at this time, you will reap positive results. This is a card about manifesting goals with all the talents and tools available to you. Right now, you have the ability come up with creative, new ways to find solutions and solve problems. If you have been wishing for something and you pull this card, it’s definitely a great omen if transformation is involved. This is also a great card for witches to meditate with. This card represents taking control of your own power and using creativity and concentration to will your dreams into reality. Act with a higher sense of awareness that you are the creator and you are in control. Skill and commitment make a magician great, so focus on your one goal with all of your intentions. This card might also be a mirror for you, showing you that you are doing a great job of balancing all of your skills. It can also be reminding you that you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for!


KEYWORD:  Manipulation

The Magician card reversed can indicate a misuse of power. Using manipulation rather than manifestation is a sleazy way to get what you want when there are so many great, meaningful, and beautiful ways to actually manifest your desires. Either you or someone around you is probably not to be trusted. This person is often charming and cunning, but they are using these abilities to cause a sort of veiled confusion. Imagine a salesman type that is trying to convince you of something that seems way too good to be true. This reversal points out false prophets in your life. This card reversed can also warn of not using your skills to their maximum potential or suggest that you are out of touch with reality and manipulating yourself. You’re probably feeling that your talents or pursuits aren’t burning at their brightest and you want to maximize your impact. If this is the case, try to step away from the situation for a while so you can clear your head and make a plan. Are you focusing on the right areas? Are you treating people well along the way to your goal? What skills do you need to utilize? What do you want to see in an end result? What is a proven way to achieve that result?Maybe you don’t even really want what you were after in the first place! Getting in the freeing mindset of The Fool might be what’s best for you right now. If in the end you still feel that you have so much more to give, allow yourself to nurture those feelings and explore this area of your life more. Maybe you have always wanted to indulge your talent for paint portraits… start painting! You may never know what will come of the experiences and thoughts you have in those art sessions. Maybe you paint a portrait of a congresswoman your admire and send it to her; in turn she posts a photo of it on social media and now people are emailing to commission work from you! Things can and do happen that way. Just believe more in yourself and acknowledge your underlying wants if you feel this the reason you pulled this upside-down card in a tarot spread. And finally, this reversal could mean that you are not acknowledging your inner witch, as it doesn’t seem to “fit” with your lifestyle, but in fact… there are all kinds of witches! Spirituality is nothing to be scared of, and it is up to each of us to find our own path. Unfortunately, most people stick with whatever religion or spiritual path they are born into. Don’t just follow a path because someone told you it’s what you’re supposed to follow. It may be true for them, but it may not and probably won’t be your truth as well. We are all different. Different is “normal,” and don’t let anyone else make you believe otherwise.

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