Now Taking Lesson Requests!

Is there a particular area of magic you would love to see us explore here on Well that’s what I’m here for! Hearing what all of you want to learn more about and have to say is very important to me. Just leave any lesson requests in the comments section below and I will try to get to all of them as quickly as I can!

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  1. Maybe not so much a lesson, but I find I have a difficult time producing prayers (for instance, when I need to pray over a poppet, a candle, etc.), I often lose my wording and end up stammering and I absolutely find that off-putting. I would like to know how to pray on the fly, or a good witchy site that has prayers that are not so Christian-ized. Any ideas?

    1. Hi CJ!

      I would be happy to! I actually have a lot to say about this topic, and I totally feel you! Even the word “prayers” rubs me the wrong way due to it’s religious connotations. I don’t work with any gods, goddesses, or religion of any sort, so I have come to grow fond of the word “chants.” I will get to work on this lesson this weekend! You can expect to see a CHANT-CRAFTING post next week on the site just for you! I’ll have all kinds of tips on dialect, length, rhyming and not rhyming, preperation and spontenaity, what works for me, and what tools can help you get more comfortable with using spoken word in your magic. Thanks for reading!

      x x x x

      1. AWESOME!!! Thanks!
        I font necessarily like the word “prayer” as well because it has the organised religion connotation. I don’t know why I never thought of chants as prayers…what a fantastic thing! Can’t wait to read 😉😁

    2. The lesson you requested in now up on the site! You can check it out here:

      1. Thanks for putting time into it!

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