How To Activate A Crystal In Less Than 60 Seconds

Activating a crystal is the easiest, but most important step in using a crystal. You can’t just carry a crystal around and expect it to do all the things you want it to do without charging it with your intention. With the ability to absorb, conserve, emit, and focus energy, there’s a lot going on inside a stone. You’ve got to do a little work too to make the most out of your magic! Yesterday, we discussed 20 different way to cleanse a crystal, and today we are going to talk about how to charge one with your intentions. This can also be referred to as “programming” or “activating” a crystal.

You may be thinking… how is a crystal going do what I tell it to do? Well, when working with metaphysics, one has to try and think about everything in a more metaphysical way! The way I like to explain it is this… Crystals are basically immortal objects. Just like humans and plants, they grow and change, but unlike us they never truly “die.” At the very least, they turn into sand. Crystals are literally the DNA of our planet. Some native american tribes even consider quartz to be “the brain cells of Mother Earth.” Everything on Earth is a product of itself… a product of a cycle, so in a way – you, me, the crystal, planet Earth… it’s all one in the same. So if you are dealing with the very “brain cells” of our planet, what would make you think that you can’t have some sort of connection or form of direction with them? Quartz is used in watches and computers for a reason. Crystals are expert energy manipulators. All that being said, let’s get on with the programming!

STEP 1:  After your stone has been cleansed, place the stone in your sensing hand and hover your power hand over it.

STEP 2: Close your eyes, and in your mind’s eye – see yourself holding the stone.

STEP 3: Silently or aloud, tell the stone what you would like it do for you. You can be as specific or generic as you like. Sometimes it is best to be very specific. Say you buy a citrine to draw new clients to you, because you know it is a stone used for money and success. In turn, you would want to specifically ask the stone to bring new clients to you. On the other hand, say you buy a stone because you need all the wonderful qualities it possess in your life. In this case you would ask for just that – ask the stone to infuse you with all of the attributes it possesses.

STEP 4: Now imagine yourself living your life in the way you want with the help of that stone. Imagine your client list to be so long, that you have to get a bigger binder. Imagine clients commissioning you on a daily basis… If you went the broader route, imagine yourself infused with all the qualities you asked for. See your life playing out just the way you wanted it to with help from the stone.

STEP 5:  As those requests and thoughts and flood through your brain, see them flowing into the crystal and charging it like a battery in your mind’s eye. See it pulse with light as it absorbs every thought.

At this point, the crystal should feel different and you can open your eyes. It will feel heavier, more powerful, or “tingly.” Intuitively and physically, you will feel a difference in the way the crystal vibrates in your hand. And that’s it your crystal is ready-set-go! The more you do it, the more quickly you will be able to zone in and out of the process. It’s mostly about being able to quiet your mind and focus, so if you feel silly communicating with a rock or get nervous about what you are doing, just take a few deep breaths, relax, take your time, and enjoy the process. Like meditating, it can be quite relaxing!

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