The #1 Herb You Need On Your Altar

Ruled by planet Mars, ginger is one of the most important plants to have in your herb arsenal – if not the most important! I find that I use ground ginger more than any other herb in my work. It is used in magic mainly for power, money, love, and success – the latter making it especially important for beginner witches.


All plants have an elemental pairing – ginger’s pairing being fire. I suggest adding ginger to most any spell or concoction to give it an added kick of magical power, except on occasions when fire energy would be inappropriate for your work. Unless you are a super-seasoned witch or you just absolutely hate the taste of ginger, I also recommend sprinkling a little bit of ground ginger on your tongue before any magical working, especially if you cannot add it into a magical mixture due to it’s elemental properties. It’s fire and success energies can give you that added boost of power too! It is also a great way to train your brain to get into the ritual mindset before any magical workings, as well.

What magic herb can you not seem to live without?

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