TAROT 101: The Fool


KEYWORD:  Innocence

The Fool is a card of renewal, beginnings, innocence, and potential where each day is an adventure and life is lived to its fullest. This card represents the start of creativity and a desire to accomplish something new with an open mind. Much like a Joker playing card, he can be or do anything on a whim. His possibilities are limitless. The Fool indicates that anything can happen and that the world is your oyster! In a reading, he represents the need to set forth on an epic, new journey into the unknown. The Fool is all about personal development, new adventure and finding freedom in a moment of chaos. It is often said that by losing everything, you gain even more. This card asks you to actually leap before you look to find new success! This is a total “wish” card that asks you to trust your intuition. Care-free and focused on living in the moment, the Fool encourages you to believe in yourself when in doubt. Have faith that your spirit will guide you in the right direction. Meditate with the Fool if you see courage or acceptance in self expression. The Fool is the spirit of our youth which reminds us of a time when jumping into an unknown situation head first wasn’t quite so unnerving.



The Fool card reversed literally means that you might be acting foolish! You may be trying to live in the moment when you know that you should really be planning ahead. You could be acting so recklessly that you might even be negatively affecting other people in your life. Finding yourself need not be at the expense of the people you love. Or maybe you’re also just overanalyzing everything and everyone when you should be more free and open. Fear of the unknown is normal, but don’t let it keep you from going forward! If you are feeling indecisive and in a situation where you don’t fully understand the full scope of what’s going on, this reversal can also be warning you to take extra care with your decisions. You don’t want to be taken advantage of! Things that sound true good to be true rarely are. Do your “homework” in any given situation so that you need not fear being taken by surprise. At this point in time, it is very important for you to be prepared. If you don’t want to seem like the new kid on the block, then don’t act like it! Doing a little extra research and going the extra mile will only help right now. It could keep you out of trouble. The Fool reversed also warns against tendencies of self-absorption. If you pull this card in regards to love, it suggests that you and your partner are a true pair of risk-takers! Spontaneity can be exciting, but it can also be unstable. It’s the price you have to pay for all that excitement!

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