NOVEMBER READING: “Crystal Grids” by Henry M. Mason & Brittani Petrofsky

Constantly educating yourself is such an important part of magic. Furthering your studies only furthers your magic, so that is why I have decided to start the Witching Out Book Club! Each month, I will introduce a new book to you that I’ve found to be invaluable in my personal studies. This month’s book is Crystal Grids: How To Combine & Focus Crystal Energies To Enhance Your Life by Henry M. Mason & Brittani Petrofsky.

When you walk into a book store these days, you find that the New Age section is packed to the brim with all kinds of books. Many of these texts are just filled with regurgitated materials from other books sitting right next to it, but every once in a while you will stumble upon a book that stands out from the rest and offers something new to the subject, and that is what I have found with Mason & Petrofsky’s Crystal Grids.

I have been making crystal grids instinctually since I was very young, but at some point I realized there was a certain “science” to the whole process. Realizing as I got older that “crystal grids” were an actual practice similar to that of a zen garden, I went on the hunt for the perfect book to teach me all the specifics. And much to my surprise, I found, virtually, nothing written on the subject that was actually good or the least bit comprehensive until this April when Crystal Grids was released. Written by Mason, a gemologist and owner of Crystal Vaults, and Petrofsky, a crystal grid designer, this book covers crystal structure, color, construction, and even has 29 example grid layouts. I’ve got about 10 pages left until I’ve finished my copy and let me tell you – it is fantastic! Check back on December 1st for a full book review here on

You can purchase your copy of “Crystal Grids: How To Combine & Focus Crystal Energies To Enhance Your Life” at

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