Self-Cleansing Crystals

All stones have their own unique traits and qualities. Some have the ability to lift your spirits, while other have the gift of focus. But what would the crystal world be without it’s own clean-up crew?! That’s where selenite and carnelians come in.

Aside from all their other amazing powers, these 2 crystals have the innate ability of cleansing any crystal near them… and even themselves. That’s right – you really don’t have to cleanse these stones unless you want to. They naturally ward off negative energy, so you don’t have to worry about them picking up bad vibes from you or your surroundings. They are experts at switching in and out of tasks effortlessly – especially selenite, so the only real reason to cleanse them is for a personal need to reconnect to the stone with new energy.


The feminine stone of this duo, selenite is ruled by the Moon. It also works a lot more quickly than a carnelian and is a high vibration stone. Aside from it’s cleansing abilities, they are masters of clear judgment with the ability to stabilize erratic energy and shield the aura from interfering external sources. They are also great for scrying stones and for grigding protective energy around a building.


On the other hand, carnelians are masculine stones ruled by the Sun. Although they work a little more slowly than selenite, they have a lot more physical applications. Derived from the latin word for “flesh,” carnelians are great for physical ailments like wounds, easing arthritis, strengthening memory, reducing nosebleeds, increasing metabolism and fertility, and pretty much anything else that has to do with blood, bones, or the physical body. Like selenite, it is notoriously protective and stabilizing for emotions and the aura. And it also helps manifest abundance.

If you store all your inactive stones together, I highly suggest throwing in a carnelian or chunk of selenite to keep them fresh and ready for programming. You might be drawn to one or you might be drawn to both! Having them around can really save time if you use crystals more spontaneously than ritually. Say you keep a piece of lapis lazuli to help with migraines… well, when you’re in the middle of a migraine – do you REALLY want to to have to focus on the crystal cleansing process? No, your head hurts and you want your stone to be at your disposal when you need it! It’s for these types of reasons I recommend this storing method.

Did you like this story? If so, be sure to check back this Thursday to learn 20 different ways to cleanse your crystals!

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