WAVELLITE: The Stone Of Divine Clarity

CHAKRA:  Past Life & Soma

CRYSTAL GRID USES:  Dispeller crystal

HARDNESS:  3.5 / 10


ZODIAC SIGN:  Aquarius

Wavellite has a very intimidating appearance – looking like a witch’s bubbling brew or some kind of awful skin condition, but contrary to it’s looks – it actually lends to aiding skin problems! This mineral is associated with the moon, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that it has extremely clairvoyant properties. It is also the most powerful at the time of a new moon. 


Hold wavellite before any big decisions, and you will almost instantly see a clear overview of the situation. Think of it like the ultimate brain defroster. As it is so great in reflection, use this stone to get to the core of why you may be in an unwanted life situation. But be very gentle with this mineral, as it’s green-hued nodules are very fragile. It also is proven to increase white blood cell counts and be beneficial for the flow of blood, so it would be very beneficial to anyone who suffers from blood clots or poor circulation. On a more spiritual level, it helps energy flow between the body and the aura. It’s really just a great stone for supporting well-being too, as it clears abuse and trauma effects from the emotional body.

The majority of wavellite in the world is found in the United States exclusively in Mount Ida, Arkansas. I recently received a huge chunk on a vacation to the south as a gift, and I just love it. If you’ve had any great experiences with wavellite, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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